Humility is an essential characteristic to have if you're a writer. This Blog is now "Dal's Music Note$…

The introduction of Dal…

on August 15, 2012

This is just a rough idea.  I mean, I am a mediocre writer (my own worst enemy LOL) so this is not going to be the beginning of a long, storied career in writing (depends on how this turns out and what the universe has in store for me).  I have just decided to test the waters of the Web and see what will happen from here.

For those that care, the name Dal comes from a shortened name of a character from a video game I can no longer get access to (EverQuest Online Adventures RIP).  I’ve just decided that it sounds better than “…musicbyJames” so I went with it.

I’m going to try and focus on the area of my life that, although it always changes, it can never bring down my spirits…music.  For you see, unlike most people who are stuck with the bass on their car speakers rattling windows, I have a rather eclectic taste in music.

I will stress this first, though…I HATE RAP (not old school rap though)!  Unfortunately, with my children being subjected to it daily because they live in the city, I have no choice but to tolerate it.  So, you know this blog will rarely (if ever) have anything to do with that genre.

I will also let you know that I probably won’t always talk about music.  I may open my soul to other topics as I feel the need to and will decide when I sit in front of my computer when I need to vent.

In closing, please keep an eye out…you never know when Dal will be around.


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