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My memories of Elvis…

on August 16, 2012

As many of you may know by now, today, August 16th, marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.  For those of you out there who don’t know who he was (as most of you are probably too young to remember…oh, wait…Facebook is watching…), he was just one of the many great singers of my generation.  He was also in quite a number of movies, too, making him that much more of a legend.

At the time of his death, I was a six-year old kid…so I really can’t remember much, as that was a dark time in my life (I won’t get into why just yet).  But I do recall vividly how much my mother (as I sure most of ALL moms did at that juncture) idolized this wonderful entertainer.  I haven’t really watched anything he’s done in a very, very long time; his music, though, is in my collection (which I will get into, at some point).

From 1956’s “Elvis Presley” (with such hits as “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Tutti Frutti”, “Blue Moon”, and “Money Honey”) to 1976’s “From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee” (sporting classics such as “Hurt” and “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”), his unmistakable voice is what drove millions of screaming teenage girls to a frenzy; well, that AND his hip-swivelling!  He also had a knack, though, for being behind the camera as a well-known (and adored) movie star.  And, I’m sure (although I can’t say for certain due to the time lapse), I have experienced everything this brilliant star had created.

I do remember, though, witnessing his funeral procession on television (hey, it was THE MAJOR event of that time!), and remembering how my mother was truly and totally heartbroken (as was millions of others, including his family).  I recall that it was truly a dark time in music, as his style of music would very rarely be duplicated (I know, a lot of time has passed; hence the words “very rarely”).

RIP, Elvis Aaron Presley, January 8, 1935-August 16, 1977…a bright star that will never be extinguished.


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