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on August 25, 2012

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, personally.  As I’m sure many out there are just beginning today, I will just be covering a couple of issues in my life that really made Friday worthwhile.

Firstly, I will start by mentioning the shooting at the Empire State Building.  The gunman, who worked for a company that imports from overseas (which I would know about, being that my career has been with a company that does import-export paperwork), was fired on Thursday and went “postal” on his former employer.  According to the news wires, the man lived alone and was just a quiet, well-mannered individual (whose intentions, although he got was he was aiming at, will never be understood) that had just had enough.

For my own personal spin on this, however, I will tell you that I would not (however high my stress level is) ever condone using guns against my former bosses…though, like everyone reading this, God knows how many times I’ve come close.

The whole incident, however tragic, made my employer just a little on-edge too, as I’m sure that she’s been coming close to letting me go (she’s just who she is…I’ve made a point of doing my job to the best of my abilities) but after yesterday’s events being announced, she (as well as the other employees) had a very different outlook on me.  Not that I can blame them, being that I haven’t been very outgoing due to stress at the workplace.


Bullet point number two for Friday was that, after working all day, I spent last night listening to a couple of local cover bands from this area; “Neon Knights”, a tribute band dedicated to the music of the late, great Ronnie James Dio, and “The Wizard of Ozz”, a cover band (whom I know personally) of the wonderful Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath.

The show was held at Centereach Bowling Alley (here on Long Island) and both performances were stellar.  It was my first time seeing Neon Knights and they did an excellent job with the music and nuances of the Dio persona.  As for the Wizard of Ozz, well, they always put on a good show and last night was no exception.

Tonight, the Wizard of Ozz is playing with “Rag Doll” (whom I’ve also seen play), a cover band of Aerosmith, in a benefit concert (same venue) for a fallen local firefighter and I hope the audience will be larger (which it should for a Saturday night).


Before signing off, though, I would like to give a Happy Birthday shout-out to a fellow southpaw…Mr. Billy Ray Cyrus, who turns 51 years old today.

Until next time, with my view from the left, have a blessed and wonderful day all!

/,,,/ Rock On Dudez /,,,/


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