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Centereach show last night…

on August 26, 2012

In case anyone out there is interested (but there should be many more coming, I hope), last night’s show at Centereach Lanes was a great night for the fund-raiser (I don’t have/want the figures but there were a lot of people there) and a wonderful music night, as well.

It all kicked off with (and I’m sorry that I don’t have her name…very long night and I didn’t have a notebook) a 13-year old singer (who may have actually been involved with the firefighter’s family…again, I don’t recall) that did cover songs of various recent songs, although her cover of “Free My Soul” by Dorian Grey was stellar and point-on.  A very talented singer with, under the proper guidance, a bright future as a singer, her performance was an excellent starter for the benefit.

Her performance was followed by the group “Kickin’ It”, which covered a whole gamut of the music charts but weren’t limited to one band…and that was the charm about them.  Consisting of three members (guitar, LEFTY bass, and drums), they covered a whole range of different songs that, if I’d had a set list, would have left you gawking at your computer in awe.  They sounded awesome, performed awesome, and were completely classy about it.  Well done for a group that I’d never seen play.

Next on the agenda was our old-school (19 years and counting) favorites, The Wizard of Ozz.  In case you’re thinking, “Well, it’s just another tribute band,” think again because, unless you’ve actually SEEN them play, you don’t know jack.  The lead singer, John Traylor, just puts on one of the BEST performances of old-school Ozzy than you’ll ever experience.  Wizard of Ozz is a cover band that people respect (well-deserved) but can never, ever be duplicated.

Finishing off the night was another group that I had witnessed before; Rag Doll.  As was the case the first time (although they just went through a couple of changes), they also put on a rocking show.  The lead singer (no notebook, remember?) was spot-on in his switch to the Stephen Tyler persona and the band performed well with the Aerosmith-type nuances behind him.

Happy birthday shout-outs:  Macaulay Culkin AND Chris Pine (August 26, 1980 for both) and, a man that will always hold a special place in my heart, crossword editor Will Shortz (been doing crosswords for 37 out of my 41 years on the planet), who turns sixty (August 26, 1952) today.

This has been my view from the left.  Have a safe and blessed day and /,,,/ rock on dudez /,,,/


3 responses to “Centereach show last night…

  1. Josie says:

    Hey Dal, remember me Pete’s sister Josie. Read some of your blogs. Nice job.

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