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Opening my “heart” LOL…

on August 28, 2012

The title refers to a conversation that a friend and I had had on Saturday.  But, in reality, folks…it goes a lot deeper.  For you see, for the last ten years (as most of my inner circle will attest to), I’ve been in a really dark, cavernous space.  My best friend, also known as my ex-wife, can tell you in infinite detail.

But, not to get all mushy on you, I’ve found that music has helped me cope with that.  I’ve gone through such a transition of musical influences, everything from Alice in Chains to ZZ Top.  I am fine with the man that I’ve become and my music reflects that.

I’m just starting and this is sort of therapeutic, in a way.  Thank you for listening (sorry, long day on a computer at work and it’s time to play Hot Shots Golf LOL)…more from the left…soon, I promise!


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