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Top 10 for Number 10…

on August 29, 2012

Since my readership has gone up (especially over the last two days [Thank you]), I figured it was time to delve into my own personal music collection and give you my Top 10 Most Played Groups…I know most of you out there will disagree with a lot of them but that’s why this is my blog.  I have my own opinions but I also respect others’, as well.

Without further ado, I give you my Top 10 (in descending order)…

10) The Eagles–Hard not to like these gentlemen.  With hits like “Hotel California” and “Take It Easy”, they were one of my early rock-and-roll favorites.
9) Enya–This Celtic goddess was, at one point, a mainstay in my iPod playlist.  Her hits like “Only Time” and “Orinoco Flow” were just two of her many hits.  Some of which, the songs on her albums, are sung in different languages.

8) Lamb of God–These hardcore, no nonsense heavy hitters from the dark side of my collection were constantly played when I thought about going to work with my old boss.  “Redneck”, “Laid to Rest”, and “Walk With Me in Hell” top my charts for them.

7) Slipknot–Believe it or not, the music of Slipknot is an acquired taste…you either get them, or you don’t.  I heard there stuff since the beginning and get them.  Especially tragic, though (and, yes, I am stating my opinion) is that they lost # 2 (Paul Grey R.I.P.) and, although they still play awesome music, they will never be the same.

6) Testament–Heavy metal band from back in the day.  Similar in style to most of the other “hair bands”, what sets them apart is their lead vocalist, Chuck Billy.  His snarly, sometimes evil, sounding voice is what gives this band its’ position in my countdown.

5) AC/DC–Yes, folks…Angus and the boys make my Top 5 (clap clap)…but you don’t need to say anything that hasn’t already been said.  After their lead singer Bon Scott died tragically, Brian Johnson has had big shoes to fill.  He has, to say the least, paid in spades.

4) Joe Satriani–Maestro guitarist/singer from Long Island, he had me hooked from his album “Surfing With the Alien”.  His recent music I experienced live at the Jones Beach show <September 14, 2002> and he really impressed me.  Even more recently, he has been performing for the band Chickenfoot…the one with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony…helllllloooooo?

3) KISS–Who’s collection doesn’t include the bad boys of rock-and-roll?  I know mine does, with almost all of the albums in their discography (including the solos, which happen to be great as well).

2) Metallica–True story, I met them…and have the soon-to-be 20 year old poster to prove it.  1993 in New York.  Lars insulted my San Jose Sharks jacket!  It was super cool, though, and I can add to this by letting you know that they didn’t appear in my collection until I saw the video for “One”…the seven-minute version.  Used to be Number One…now that honor belongs to……

1) Dream Theater–Yes, these masters of progressive metal have topped my list.  Witnessed them live at the aforementioned Joe Satriani show (also had King’s X) and at the Theater at Madison Square Garden (April 3, 2004).  From their second album, “Images and Words”, to their more recent stuff, with songs like “As I Am” (which could be my personal proclamation to the universe LOL) and “Forsaken”, I found that I liked their style of telling a story.  On the down side for most of today’s attention-span lacking folks, their songs tend to be over seven minutes, in some cases.

Without taking up too much more of your time, I will sign off by saying that I thank you for listening.

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