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Dal’s Saturday Spotlight…

on September 1, 2012

The debut of Dal’s Saturday Spotlight…a weekly column about one artist/group in particular…

With my readership continually rising, I figured that it was time to do something completely unique.  I haven’t really given you my all when it comes to this blog so the best way to expand your horizons is to tell you all about someone that you’ve probably never heard of.  Since most of my audience would rather spend Saturday outdoors, I will try to keep things brief…but since this is a new concept, it may be longer than I expect.

Today’s Spotlight is on someone that, although I’ve enjoyed the first two albums, I haven’t heard from (then again, I have been in a pretty dark place) but he put out an album in 2011…Robert Miles.  Akin to a DJ (using synthesizers and various electronica elements), his first two albums, “Dreamland” and “23AM”, were staples of my collection during my exile.  His early stylings were also instrumental as a muse for me…during my early writing experiments, I would listen to his music to “be creative”.

Featuring “Children” (love that song), “Fable” (yep, that one too), and “One and One”, which featured British singer Maria Naylor, that album in particular used to be playing in my apartment (miss you, JC) when I was trying to become a writer too early for my “experience level”.  It was also playing on my iPod during my commute to my old job (before I moved from Jersey).

Without taking up too much more time, this has been the first installment of “Dal’s Saturday Spotlight”…and definitely not the last.  From the left…{and more to come} /,,,/rock on dudez /,,,/


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