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Uplifting myself…

on September 5, 2012

For you, my viewers, I will now give you a little insight as to who I am…not only as a writer, but as a human, as well.  If you’ve been following my blog (which, although I’m not surprised, is no one), you’ve already been told that I’ve spent the last ten years living in virtual solitude from the world.  I mean, I have written posts on MySpace (back in the day) and on Facebook but I haven’t really talked to anyone for any long period of time (like a psychotherapist, and what not).

This blog started out as a goof (for all intents and purposes, I didn’t expect more than 1 viewer) and yet, three weeks after starting it, I’ve noticed a drastic change in my attitude about things.  Now, I’m not talking about anything psychotic happening; I’m not capable of doing anything that has major implications for my future.  But I have noticed that my “inner chi”, for lack of a better term, is looking a bit brighter.

I could also talk to you until I’m blue in the face about sports; being that I have no favorite New York teams, well, I sort of figured that would be a “site” to behold…and it would have made me an even bigger outcast than I already am.  Being raised, however, in a house where music was always around, changing, and expanding, I have experience with a vast collection of memories about my penchant for eclectic styles.

This is my gift to you…my experience as a 41 year old man and how, after my “exile”, music has influenced my life.  If you haven’t hopped on yet, you should because, as a writer (now), there’s no telling where my inner chi will be.  At this moment I can tell you that I’ve been feeling a little discouraged (don’t mind me…I have MAJOR self-esteem issues, anyway); this journey is not about to be stopped.

I have waited far too long to get anything on “paper”…if this is where it starts, then I’m all for it!

Happy birthday Shout-Out to Frank’s eldest son…Mr. Dweezil Zappa turns 43 today (September 5, 1969)…more from the left soon, I promise…/,,,/ rock on dudez /,,,/


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