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Saturday Spotlight…Volume 2

on September 8, 2012

“Writing, to me, is thinking with my fingers,” from the late, great Dr. Isaac Asimov…whose Foundation novels I have read.


This week’s in Dal’s Saturday Spotlight is the band that took the top spot on my Top 10 (look it up)…Dream Theater.  The band that will always hold a place in my heart as the only band that I’ve personally paid TWICE to see.  Once at Jones Beach, as I mentioned, and at the Theater at MSG (which I also mentioned).

The band started in my collection with the song “Pull Me Under” but they had one album before that, with a completely different singer, Charlie Dominici, than the one that currently sings for them, James LaBrie.  The band’s penchant for story-telling comes on two albums, “Metropolis, Part Two:  Scenes from a Memory” (which tells the story of a past-life experience across centuries), and “Six Degrees of Seperation”, which deals largely with recovering from alcoholism.

Both of the above mentioned albums, by the way, are awesome.  With their unique style of electric keyboards added to the already familiar rock chords, they just have a way of making you feel like you’re there…wherever “there” may be for all of you.  James LaBrie is a brilliant vocalist with excellent range that will make you think he’s a messiah…or whatever.

With this week’s spotlight on Dream Theater, and my views from the left…more to come soon.  And that is a guarantee!


2 responses to “Saturday Spotlight…Volume 2

  1. chao873 says:

    Ah, Dream Theature. Brings back so many memories doesn’t it Daddy? Especially since I grew up seeing you in that shirt half the time. xD

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