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Vol. IV of Dal’s Saturday Spotlight…

on September 22, 2012

This week’s featured artist(s) will be none other than the Number Two group on my Top 10…Metallica.  As I mentioned in the Top 10, I really do have the autographed poster (a little worse for wear) on my wall.  But I do have a couple of ironic twists that I’d like to add for your amusement.

I did meet them in New York in January of 1993; at a Sam Goody store that became a Coconuts store soon thereafter.  Right across the street from Rockefeller Center, I waited on that line and, just as the muckety-muck security personnel walked around the corner, they stopped the line right after me!  Talk about stoked!!!

Anyways, one of my sidebars is that the first song I’d ever heard by them was “Creeping Death”.  But the ironic twist is that I was listening to pop music at that time and not heavy metal, so I dismissed them at that point.  However, fate would not let them “Escape” me (song title pop; has an air-raid siren towards the end).  For it was a couple of years later that I had discovered the video for the song “One”.

Yes, the seven-minute long, movie-based (Johnny Got His Gun, 1971) version that made Metallica world-wide icons at that point.  Also, vivid in my memories of them was sitting in the living room of my cousin’s house (LOL) watching the premier of the “Enter Sandman” video, which I used to play to my eldest daughter in the womb (wow, now I REALLY feel old)!!!

They were the classiest people that I have ever had the pleasure of personally meeting.  Lars was genuinely a nice guy…even if he did insult my hockey team (at that time, though, to be honest, they stunk).  It was a nice day in my life that I will never forget.

With my view this week from the left, signing off…enjoy and /,,,/ rock on dudez /,,,/


2 responses to “Vol. IV of Dal’s Saturday Spotlight…

  1. chao873 says:

    Dude I really hate that. Something you really, really want that you dream of having. And just when it’s in your grasp, BAM! Something stops you in your tracks and that thing you wanted the most? It’s gone with the wind, never to return. I just hate when that happens it really does suck. Nice work on the blog by the way. Keep up the good work Daddy! ;] ❤

  2. The part that reads, “…stopped the line right after me”, should be understood that I got into see them (I just re-read it, but I’m not going to edit it LOL)

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