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on September 25, 2012

Today, September 25th, marks the 32nd year since the passing of THE greatest rock drummer to ever grace a stage…Led Zeppelin’s John “Bonzo” Bonham.  There are people out there that may not agree with me (their choice) but it’s not only me that they would have to contend with. (Rolling Stone reader poll, 2011…Best Drummer)

If you’ve ever heard anything by Led Zeppelin, you cannot tell me that John Bonham was not the best drummer in the world.  Now, I’ll admit that I have many favorite bands (LZ among them) but I have never heard his type of mastery of the drums…ever!

Some may even make the arguments “sound” legitimate (“Oh, Lars Ulrich…Mike Portnoy…Carmine Appice…”) but, although Carmine Appice influenced John Bonham, they all take second place to Bonzo.

The only thing that comes close to him is his son, Jason, whose bands Bonham and Black Country Communion, continue the Bonham legacy on drums.

Another of the truly bright lights of the music industry losing his life too soon…

RIP John “Bonzo” Bonham (05/31/48 – 09/25/80)


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