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Home hasn’t changed much…I’m just not there B-D

on October 1, 2012

So, my trip to Jersey City, as relatively uneventful as it was, turned out to be a beautiful experience.  I mean, it actually felt like I had never left.  The streets that I used to walk (constantly) over haven’t really changed…the layout is, obviously, unchanged.  The fact remains that I literally “pounded” that pavement, and, most of the time, my iPod played just the perfect tunes.

The circumstances surrounding my trip were very simple…I was going to take the initiative and (finally) take the trip to see my daughter (the 12-year-old).  Nothing fancy, mind you (tight budget and all)…just some good, old-fashioned quality time with my angel.  Her and I have had a weird relationship but I’m amazed at how truly gifted she is.

Walking the streets with her yesterday morning (for breakfast) was nothing short of spectacular.  Reminiscing of old times at my old apartment (still miss that place), playing in Pershing Field park, hanging at her (and my ex’s) house was just awesome.

A lot of stores have changed (as is to be expected in this trying economy) and those that hadn’t changed were memory-inducing nightmares.  I even had time yesterday to visit an old friend who still lives within walking distance of the ex’s abode.  We had a wonderful time bringing up old thoughts and ideas while kicking back and relaxing.

All in all, I couldn’t have planned a better trip!  I pat myself on the back for that one.

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