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My mea culpa…

on October 4, 2012

There were two people that viewed the previous “23rd” blog (which was posted to Facebook without a comment) to which the basic premise was that I was done with this blog…forever!

Basically, it was over a stressful moment at my job (which is why none of them have my blog address) and my boss had gotten on my nerves.  It got me to the point of my old views of life…which were not pretty, by any means.

Anyhow, I am over that now and will have a new post on Saturday…maybe I’ll inform you of something you haven’t heard.

More from the left…I guarantee (God willing LOL) /,,,/ rock on dudez /,,,/


2 responses to “My mea culpa…

  1. chao873 says:

    I know DAMN WELL you’re not going emo daddy. Are you? ^.^*

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