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on October 9, 2012

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious way.  It was always planned out (from yesterday) that I was going to write…just didn’t have the content ready-for-print.  And now, without further ado, the two anniversaries that happen to fall on today’s date, October 9, are the birthdays of late wrestling great Eddie Guerrero and the one-and-only rock ‘n roll icon himself, John Lennon.

I first picked up on Eddie Guerrero around my 18th year on this planet, during his final run with WCW.  When he jumped ship and moved to the WWF…I mean, WWE, I started really noticing how good of a “sports entertainer” this guy really was.  I happened to be watching his final match (which we didn’t know was his final match) and the way he won that match was something that only he could have pulled off (it was versus Mr. Kennedy on SmackDown, November 11, 2005).

It would have been his 45th birthday today…RIP Eddie Guerrero, you are still sorely missed.


As for John Lennon, I can tell you that, yes, I share the common consensus that leaving The Beatles might not have been the best idea he’d had.  But, I will not badger a superstar of his caliber.  Instead, I will let you know that I was nine years old at the time of his death.  At the time, I couldn’t really discern any of his solo works with the songs that he made with The Beatles.

I can tell you now that all of that has changed.  I do appreciate and enjoy all of his solo works and I can tell you that the man was an underrated genius.

If only there were more like him…RIP John Lennon, this planet hasn’t been the same without you.


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