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The journey begins…

on October 13, 2012

I usually take this time out of your busy schedules to bring you Dal’s Saturday Spotlight…but it is with great pleasure that I have to do so in order to tell you the even BIGGER news.  I have decided, after many, many years of procrastinating, I have finally had a brainstorm of an original story.  Yes, at this time, I have made the choice of getting off my a$$ and finally putting something on paper (yes, paper…you know, the thing that kills trees and never gets any good use out of it LOL).

I will not, however hard I am prodded, reveal anything about this work-in-progress until its’ completion.  This would go against ALL writing principles.  Therefore, I just wanted to let my “followers” know that I will still be here.  I have no intentions of losing my captivated “ahem” audience.

Know that bigger and broader horizons are about to be explored…/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ /,,,/

By the way, I’m not going anywhere…just embarking on the maiden voyage…from the left B-P


3 responses to “The journey begins…

  1. chao873 says:

    I know that you said you’d reveal nothing daddy, but could you at least tell your dearly beloved (kh reference xD) fans/viewers what the genre of your story is please? I’m sure they’re dying to know, I know I am ;]

    • You, of all people, little one, should know already…science fiction B-P That was an easy question to answer, huh?

      Loves you,

      • chao873 says:

        Why yes yes it was. Let me guess, you’re getting back to, well I can’t say the title because you clearly said no spoilers what so ever, but you’re getting back to that old book you were writing and then you quit for a while right? Best way I could ask without spoilers LOL xD

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