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My thoughts…

on October 23, 2012

At this particular moment, it is kind of easier to express to you, my viewers, how extremely difficult this undertaking is…I’m referring, of course, to my attempt at writing an original science fiction book.  I have found that getting my thoughts out on this blog every couple of days is exponentially easier than this book is going to be.

On the plus side, though, I do know where this story is going to take place…and it is not here and not now LOL, because I can do a whole lot better than this current Earth can provide (wink wink).

/,,,/ ZEDUD NO KCOR /,,,/ (yes, it’s backward…intentionally!!!!)


2 responses to “My thoughts…

  1. chao873 says:

    LOL Yddad. Doog kcul no ruoy koob. Sa eht scainamina yas ni eht eivom “S’okkaw Hsiw”, “Uoy attog reehc pu, dna reven evig pu epoh!” (I hope you can read backwards as good as I can! If not, Get a mirror. LOL) (Oh, and did you know that Leonardo DeVinci wrote backwards like this^? You need to use a mirror to read his writing. Just thought you should know.) Stay frosty Daddy! Peace! ,,\/

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