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Another postponement due to Hurricane Sandy…

on November 4, 2012

{ The following post was written yesterday, but computer issues had delayed it until today… }

Due to the overwhelming events that have happened over the last week, I have decided to postpone the eighth edition of the Saturday Spotlight.  I mean, realistically, I don’t think people would want to hear me rant about music…at a time like this.

Because I don’t drive (never had my license or needed one, due to taking public transportation everywhere), I have been grounded over the last week and have not went to work at all; this stems from the fact that the Long Island Railroad has not been running out by me all week.

I will not complain about this fact, however, because there are people out there suffering fates a lot worse than mine.

I am happy to be alive, with my family, and thanking everyday that goes by that people can get through this.
/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ /,,,/


5 responses to “Another postponement due to Hurricane Sandy…

  1. chao873 says:

    Hey Daddy! That’s very true, I’m thankful to be alive as well. Remember when I called you and said I can’t live without power? Technically, I choose not to. But I got my power back Friday, the night me and Mommy called you! (At 3:40 in the morning. We all got woken up by the stove light LOL) Screw ghostbusters! When I have a power problem, I’m calling you! LOL! Stay frosty Daddy! Peace! ,,\/

  2. chao873 says:

    Oh, and would you mind if I do Saturday Spotlight every once in a while? I just figured I asked before hand because I’m not one to pladgerize (I believe that’s how it’s spelled). Stay frosty Daddy! Peace! ,,\/

    • chao873 says:

      By the way, my Saturday Spotlight wouldn’t be on music, it would be on video games because I can talk about them more than I can about music. Just figured you should know before you answer. Stay frosty Daddy! Peace! ,,\/

    • Dear child, firstly it would be plagiarism if you copied everything word-for-word…secondly, you can do your own “Spotlight”-type thing (I don’t own it, you know)

      Loves you, little princess…keep the faith!

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