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A little insight…and please read the disclaimer…

on November 28, 2012

DISCLAIMER:  Any statement made below is not meant to be directed at anyone or place blame on anyone.  Everything that is about to be said is the truth and any insinuations of blame by anyone is a product of their own imaginations.  Thank you and have a nice day!

1)  I am 41 years old at this moment and I have only driven a car (illegally, I might add) ONCE.  This is due to the fact that, living in Jersey City, I was close to all public transportation (that and the fact that I walked a lot as exercise).

2)  I act like I’m happy all the time…because it masks all the turmoil going on in my head at any given moment.

3)  During the first years of my separation, I was working myself into a frenzy for a man who couldn’t have cared less if he worked me to an early grave.  It was also the darkest times in terms of music, as most of my iPod was filled with black metal…and I loved it.

4)  I have two beautiful daughters, ages 20 and 12, and they mean the world to me…even though I consider myself to be worthless.

5)  I have always had a self-esteem issue…it comes from a childhood I would rather not discuss…and the fact that I caused my divorce from my soulmate only cements that.  In the ten years since, I haven’t dated…and will not because I let myself go (I’m not overweight, mind you, I just haven’t seen a dentist in quite a while due to lack of funds.)

6)  On the plus side of the spectrum, I was once a Size 40 when I was 18 years old.  Through some will and effort, I changed my diet and started walking everywhere.  I am still a Size 34!

And, finally, 7)  I am fanatical about the fact that I am a left-hander.  Case in point, today on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a comment about who the true minorities are (she must have been applying for a loan, or so I gathered from the context)…and I posted the following, “Southpaws…I should know, because I am one!”

On a final note, I would just like to say that the above statements are not being made to satiate anyone but me.  I need to put these things out there, so maybe people will understand what I am like as a human being.  The reason I started this blog was to forget about my career (23 years as a Customhouse broker {look it up…I know what I do LOL})…and maybe, just maybe, move towards a brighter future for myself.

/,,,/ rOcK oN DuDeZ /,,,/


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