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Today’s birthday extravaganza…

on December 18, 2012

Being that today, December 18th, happens to be one of my nephews’ seventeenth birthday, I figured that I would also write about five other people (among the many listed on Wikipedia) whose birthday is also today.

Starting the list (in age-ascending order) is a wrestler known as Rob Van Dam, who was born December 18, 1970.  This high-flying (pun intended, as he also appeared in High Times magazine) superstar will forever hold a place in my heart because, although rumors tell that he is not a pleasant individual, he always puts on a great show.  Currently holding the TNA X-Division championship, he is a 42-year-old whiz in the ring.

Second on the list (wrestler, as well) is a beautiful bombshell named Trish Stratus.  Born in 1975, she has excelled in the world of “sports entertainment” where very few women have achieved her caliber.  A former manager, performer, superstar and champion (multiple times), she will be missed in the ring…except when she makes the occasional cameo (which does happen, a lot).

In keeping with the list of professional wrestlers, though, comes the most recognizable on the roster…Stone Cold Steve Austin.  A brilliant superstar that has entranced many for a generation, he was born in 1964 in Victoria, Texas on December 18th.  Not much I can really say about the man that many of you don’t already know.

So, to get to the two individuals from this blog’s genre…Mr. Elliot Easton, the left-handed guitarist from the late 70’s group, The Cars.  Born in December 18, 1953 in Brooklyn, NY, he has continued to impress audiences with his unique playing style (I cannot stop staring at a southpaw on guitar…most of you righties will say, “It’s backward” and I am a southpaw surrounded by righties and I agree that it looks wrong).  I have also discovered they have put out a new album in 2011 (their first in 24 years!!!) which I will have to add to my collection…shortly.

Now, for the oldest member of today’s birthday list…the man that STILL has people scratching their heads, as he turns 69 years old today…Mr. Keith Richards.  Born December 18th, 1943, his name is well-known in the industry, being that he is Number 4 on Rolling Stone magazines Top 100 guitarists.  You’ve probably been living under a rock (or not even born yet) to have not heard his name.

With this weird Tuesday edition from the left…/,,,/ ROCK ON DUDEZ /,,,/


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